The Community OpenORB - PropertyService

Jerome Daniel

Michael Rumpf

Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. Compilation
3. Installation
4. Configuration
5. Deployment
Testing OpenORB Property Service
6. Frequently Asked Questions
A. Appendix


This document provides all the information required to run the OpenORB Property Service. In particular, it explains how to install, configure and test this service.

Chapter 1. Overview

CORBA Object are not really typed except by interface description. However, two objects that implement the same interface are of the same type !

The Property Service provides an easy way to specify extra information about an object. Properties are typed, named values dynamically associated with an object, outside of the type system.

The property service implements objects supporting the PropertySet interface or the PropertySetDef interface. The PropertySet interface supports a set of properties. A property is two tuple of: property_name and property_value

  • property_name is a string that names the property,
  • property_value is of type any and carries the value assigned to the property.

The PropertySetDef interface is a specialization (subclass) of the PropertySet interface that exposes the characteristics (or metadata) of each property (e.g., readonly or read/write access).

Chapter 2. Compilation

The Property Service distribution contains a Ant script that can be used to generate it. We advise you to use the build.bat ( for windows ) or ( for unix ).

Thus, to compile the OpenORB Property Service, enter the following command from the command line: build.bat or sh

Chapter 3. Installation

This chapter explains how to install the OpenORB Property Service. We remind you that OpenORB is required and must be previously installed before proceeding the next steps.

The OpenORB Property Service is provided as a Jar file named openorb_ps-{version}.jar. You have just to add this jar file to your classpath to be able to use it.

Chapter 4. Configuration

Chapter 5. Deployment

Testing OpenORB Property Service

To test the Property Service you have to compile the test scripts provided with the distribution, it means to run the Ant script with the test keyword.

The tests provided with the distribution are developed to be run with JUnit. These tests check several aspects of the specification.

To apply the tests, please entry the following command: java

Chapter 6. Frequently Asked Questions


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Appendix A. Appendix