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Guidelines for Mailing Lists

OpenORB has a number of mailing lists which you can use if you have questions, problems or feedback. However we have the following guidelines:

Subscribe to the mailing list first
This is necessary to prevent spam email. You do not need to be a member of SourceForge to subscribe.

Keep your email short and to the point
If your email is more than about a page of text, chances are that it won't get read by very many people. It is much better to try to pack a lot of informative information into as small of an email as possible. If you are replying to a previous email, it is a good idea to only quote the parts that you are replying to and to remove the unnecessary bits. This makes it easier for people to follow a thread as well as making the email archives easier to search and read.

Do your best to ensure that you are not sending HTML or "Stylized" email to the list
If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express or Eudora, chances are that you are sending HTML email by default. There is usually a setting that will allow you to send "Plain Text" email.

Watch where you are sending email
Reply to a message such that it will go to the list and not to the original author directly. The reason is because it helps facilitate discussion on the list for everyone to benefit from.

Respect the developers time
The resources to the OpenORB development is limited; therefore try and search for the information before you post a question to the user mailing list. You'll find much of the information in the archives of the mailing lists, CORBA books, the OpenORB documentation and on the Internet. And: If you choose to mail the developers directly; don't expect an answer.

Respect the mailing list type

  • The announce mailing list -- OpenORB announcements
  • The user mailing list -- For users to post questions and problems with OpenORB
  • The developer mailing list -- The development list for OpenORB
  • The CVS commits mailing list -- A read-only list for CVS commits

Mailing Lists

The announce mailing list (subscribe here, archives)
This list is used for announcements in the OpenORB project such as new releases. Only OpenORB core developers can post to this list.

The user mailing list (subscribe here, post a message, searchable archives, archives by date)
Use this list if you have questions about using OpenORB; "How do I start the OpenORB Naming service?" and so on. This list should also be used to report bugs or problems with OpenORB.

This list is not for general questions about CORBA such as: "How do I define a struct in IDL?". These questions should be asked in a general CORBA forum such as news:comp.object.CORBA or found in a book, e.g.: Advanced CORBA(R) Programming with C++ by Michi Henning, Steve Vinoski.

The developer mailing list (subscribe here, post a message, searchable archives, archives by date)
This list should be used for discussing the development of OpenORB; that is the internals of OpenORB; how to implement a certain section in the CORBA specification and not usage questions. People that live here are the developers of OpenORB and people who want to submit patches to OpenORB.

The CVS commits mailing list (subscribe here, archives)
This list is a read-only list where you can follow the progress of the OpenORB development. Do not post mails to this list.

If you don't know which list to choose use the user mailing list

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